I am packing ZERO when I come this time. Just the clothes on my back, extra underwear (mama didn’t raise no fool), my Chanel lip gloss, a bit of mascara, moisturizer, and skinceuticals sunblock.

T-Shirtism October 2005 

PK22’s in da house

Gently tense
Loose with color
Brightly cloudy

Maya Angelou – Willie 

What you see on foot _ _ _ _ __ _ _

Roll Out the Snow Carpet 

Dear Lord this place is B E A U T I F U L .

With friends like these who needs:

a gallery space?

  1. Feeding my collection
  2. Boysenberry + Fuzzy, nothing better on a rainy day.
  3. Spring Getaway Trailer
  4. Australia! on the long list

It has been a very long time since it’s been this nice out. So walk to the SAM to see the Miro, right? But first, before we see the Miro, here is a beautiful Curtiss Brock glass sculpture.

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